Family / Name:     _____________________________________________________
Home Address:    _____________________________________________________
City :                           _____________________________________________________
State :                        _________________
Zip Code:                 _________________
Email Address:      _____________________________________________________
Home Phone :       ______________________________________________________
Cell Phone:             ______________________________________________________
Work Phone:         ______________________________________________________
What will this dog be used primarily for?
 O – Pet/companion
O – Service/Therapy
O – Other (Specify)
Are allergies or shedding an issue for your family?   O – Yes         O - No
Do you have other dogs?   O - Yes         O – No
If yes, please list other dog’s breed and approx. ages:
And if yes, where do these dogs live?   O – Indoors     O – Outdoors      O – Both
Where would the new puppy live?  
     Before training:  O – Indoors      O – Outdoors     O – Crate
     After training:    O – Indoors      O – Outdoors     O – Crate
Where would the new puppy stay while you are at work?  ______________________________________________________________________________________
How many hours per day on average will you be leaving the new puppy alone?  _______________________________________________________________
If married, is your spouse in full agreement with idea of adopting a puppy?
                     O – Yes           O – No
What is your family lifestyle?      O – Active    O – Somewhat Active    O - Sedentary
Do you have a completely fenced yard?    O – Yes     O – No
Do you have children living at home?          O – Yes     O – No
If so, what are their ages?  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Have you raised a new puppy before?          O – Yes       O – No
Do you have plans for Puppy training classes?       O – Yes       O – No
When you go out of town, what plans will you make for the dog?  ______________________________________________________________________________
Briefly describe why you are considering the Australian Labradoodle breed:  _________________________________________________________________
What are your preferences for a puppy?   (Check all that apply)
     Gender:  O – Male                O – Female                O – Either
     Color:     O – Cream              O – Chocolate        O – Black                         O – Tri Color
                        O – Parti Color     O – Phantom            O – Red/Apricot          O – No preference
      Size:       O – Mini
                       O – Small Medium
                       O – Medium
                       O – Standard
Doodles can live up to 12-15 years.   Can you make this long-term commitment? Please explain:  ____________________________________________
If you ever have to re-home your doodle, will you commit to contacting Bluebonnet Labradoodles to assist in finding a new home?   
       O – Yes          O - No
Do you have a local veterinarian?     O – Yes       O – No
If yes, please provide: 
Name:         _______________________________________________
Address:    _______________________________________________
Phone:        _______________________________________________
How did you hear about us?
     O – Internet Search
     O – Facebook
     O – Referred by Bluebonnet Labradoodles previous customer or friend?
Who?​   ________________________________________________________________
      O – Referred by another breeder?
Who?   ________________________________________________________
List two personal references we may contact (name and phone number):
Name:__________________________________________________   Phone:  ________________________________
Name:__________________________________________________   Phone:  ________________________________
Any other information about yourself or your family that you would like to provide that may be helpful to us in evaluating this application for puppy adoption?  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Our puppies are $2,950 which includes a $100 refundable spay/neuter deposit.  A non-refundable $500 deposit is required to hold your place on the wait list and will be applied to the purchase price of the puppy.  A final payment of $2,450 will be due at the time the puppy is 7 weeks of age.  Do you understand and agree to these terms for adoption?     O - Yes         O - No

What is your preferred method for us to contact you to discuss your application?
               O – Cell Phone           O – Home Phone           O – Email

Puppy Application