Bluebonnet Labradoodles is a small boutique breeder of Multi-generational Australian Labradoodles located in the Texas Hill Country.   We have owned and loved Labrador Retrievers all of our lives, but the shedding, health issues, and the allergies suffered by our daughter caused us to begin searching for another solution for our family.  After much research, we learned about the Australian Labradoodle.  The breed originated in Australia, and was developed for the purpose of service dogs with emphasis on breeding for intelligence, calm temperaments, and non-shedding asthma / allergy friendly coats.  And that was our beginning.  
Greta is originally from Ladd Hill Labradoodles near Portland, Oregon.   She moved to Texas and joined our family in December 2015.  It was love at first site.  Click on “Meet Greta” tab to learn more about Greta.

Our breeding program is based on raising healthy pups with the best possible temperament, and soft non-shedding, allergy friendly coats.   They are hand raised with much love and care in our home.  We are not a kennel facility.  They are well socialized during their first 8 weeks with us as they are introduced to daily household activities and noises such as the vacuum cleaner, door bells, and washing machine.   Every puppy receives individual attention as they learn about their new world of children, cats, horses, and cars.  As they grow, they romp and play each day in the grass with age appropriate toys to aide in their development.  Our puppies are bundles of joy that will truly steal your heart away.   If you would like to learn more about our puppy adoption process, click on the “adoption” tab.
Thank you for visiting Bluebonnet Labradoodles of Texas!   Our website is still in the development and expansion phase so please visit us again to see what is coming.   Please contact us if you have questions or would like more information about Australian Labradoodles and our breeding program.  We do our best to respond to all emails within 24 – 48 hours.

We look forward hearing from you and sharing more information and fun stories about our precious bouncing bundles of joy.
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