Meet Greta

Registration:  ALAA # – pending

Type:  Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

Born:  10/25/15

Dam:  Black Canyon’s Monaco - ALAA # 026196

Sire:  Earth Angels Beckham Brown - ALAA # 025702

Color:  Tri-color Black/Tan Phantom
DNA Profile - BbEe carries for brown, cream and parti

Coat:  Wavy Fleece

Size:  Small Medium – 16 ½”   24 lbs.
Health Clearances:
Hips: Wallace good, OFA fair, Elbows/pelvis normal, Patellas normal,
CERF normal, EIC normal, DM carrier, PRA clear by parentage, vWD
clear by parentage, IC clear by parentage.
Greta is a happy bouncing bundle of playfulness, yet at a moments notice is ready to cuddle in your lap like a soft teddy bear hoping for a belly rub and nice nap.  She spends her days traveling about with the family to and from the office to greet the staff, or to the ranch on the weekend for fun ride in the ATV.  She also loves to go to the beach to watch the pelicans and find children to play with.  Greta is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever known.  And her striking phantom markings has everyone we pass by stopping to ask about her.  As a young dog, she was so calm and well behaved that no one believed she was a puppy.  We expect her to be a great mother someday.  Thank you to Ladd Hill Labradoodles for blessing us with such an amazing addition to our family!  

Introducing Greta's mother, Black Canyons Monaco of Laddhill Labradoodles
And Greta's father, Earth Angels Beckham Brown of Laddhill Labradoodles